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7 Best professional and most expensive drawing tablets for senior artists

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This digital age has artists moving away from traditional materials and jumping into drawing tablets. Designers can draw and retouch more naturally with tablets than with a mouse or a touchpad. číst dál

Drawing Tablet for Digital Painting in Paint Tool SAI

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If you're searching for good digital painting software, you've probably come across PaintTool SAI. This is a rather old digital painting and drawing program developed in 2004 for Windows. číst dál

Drawing tablet for vector graphics design in Inkscape

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Inkscape is gaining popularity because it's free and it offers tools that can create vector graphics. číst dál

Drawing Tablet for painting and illustration in Corel Painter

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Corel Painter is the market-leading digital painting software, but in order to run smoothly, it needs the right device. číst dál

Drawing Tablet for Sketching and Painting in Clip Studio Paint

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There are many digital artists who are looking for a good tool for drawing, painting, sketching and illustration in Clip Studio Paint. číst dál

Best Christmas XPPen Drawing Tablet Sales 2022

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Are you planning to buy a new drawing tablet during the Christmas 2022 sales? If yes, then you are in just the right place! číst dál

XPPen Drawing Pads Black Friday Promos 2022

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Are you planning to buy a fantastic gift for yourself and your friends in the tech world? číst dál

6 Best Drawing Tablets for 3D Modeling & Sculpting in Blender and Zbrush

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If you love 3D sculpting or modeling in Blender, Zbrush, Sculptris, SketchUP, Maya..... you need a drawing tablet. číst dál

18 Best 2D & 3D CAD Software for Beginners: free, paid and online

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From architects to civil engineers, from manufacturers to car designers – each of them requires a CAD software. číst dál

12 Best Free & Paid Architecture Design Software for Beginners

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Architecture software has become indispensable in today's digital world. Architectural drawing software allows architects to simply and easily create their designs, and edit, delete and add them as they see fit. číst dál

6 Best Drawing Pads for Tattoo Artists to Create Design

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Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and your personality. those with tattoos are usually very proud of them. číst dál

7 Best Portable Bluetooth Wireless Drawing Tablets for laptop and pc

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Many photographers, illustrators, artists, and graphic designers often use drawing tablets for digital illustration or photo retouching jobs because it is more convenient and enjoyable than just using a mouse. číst dál

XPPen 17th Anniversary Sale 2022: Best Drawing tablets Deals this Summer

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You may be considering getting a tablet to help with digital art such as 2D illustrations, Photo editing, digital painting, 3D texture painting, 3D sculpting, or other common uses. číst dál

XPPen Deco MW excellent bluetooth drawing pad Review

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Whether you are a graphic designer, illustrator, video editor or photo retoucher, having a comfortable workspace and professional tools is fundamental to fuel your creativity and productivity. číst dál

XPPen Artist 16 (2nd Generation) Awesome Drawing Screen Review

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There is nothing like drawing and painting directly on screen! Which allows you to work directly on your images via a display and pressure-sensitive stylus, giving you a real-world, natural-style workflow for painting and retouching that's hard to beat. číst dál